Food safety and quality are of utmost importance to everyone in the food industry. Poor packaging and sloppy design will not only cost you time and money; it can also reflect negatively on your brand and reputation.
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At Papercon, we understand the needs and demands of food packaging. We aim to meet your requirements for functionality, safety, and food presentation. We provide customized actions, including embossing, double sided printing, windowing, and special coating to help extend shelf life, and protect your items from spoilage and waste during shipment.

For us, packaging is an important tool that represents your business image, adds value to your brand and provides a better experience for the customers you serve.

Our Products

Clamshells – A sturdy, one piece, hinged design provides maximum convenience and minimal cleanup for your consumer. This is great for keeping and handling food, making it ideal for fast food restaurants. These boxes are available in different types, shapes, and sizes and can be custom printed to match your brand.

Food Boxes – Our food boxes can be used to pack a variety of items from confectionaries to sandwiches and bread rolls to salads and noodles. They are portable, moisture resistant and grease proof. They are available in fully customizable designs and can fit any type of food product.

Trays and Containers – Our pre-assembled trays and containers are made extra sturdy, light weight, and completely stackable to minimize storage space. These products keep your products in place yet within easy reach.

Beverage Carriers – We are capable of producing beverage carriers in any style, size or type. They are easily assembled yet strong enough to hold your drinks together.

Paper Cups & Lids – Enhance your brand and give your customers the ultimate spill free, on the go convenience with our paper cup and lid solutions.

Made from premium, eco-friendly material, our products come in a variety of styles and designs. Available in single-wall and double-wall solutions, they are durable and have insulation properties making them ideal for hot and cold beverages.