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When you're looking for a food packaging supplier in the Philippines, the right company can be a game changer.

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At Papercon, we are committed to being the leading packaging supplier in the country. Our innovative packaging solution offers a sleek design with convenience, functionality, and sustainability. Whether you're looking for a packaging solution that's easy to open and reseal or eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing, we've got you covered. Our cutting-edge technology ensures that your packaging product stays protected and secure. At the same time, our eco-friendly materials positively impact the environment. Trust us to elevate your brand and deliver a packaging experience your customers love.
We know your business, consumer, and brand's importance to you. That is why, through our diverse range of paper products and services, we aim to empower you to communicate your message, capture your customers' attention, and build brand awareness.
paper supplier philippines
paper supplier philippines
paper supplier philippines

Delivering Excellence in Food Packaging

We design cutting-edge printing and packaging solutions to set you apart from your competition. Thanks to our unwavering commitment to excellence, we take great pride in providing results that meet your unique business needs.
Whether you need custom packaging, labels, or promotional materials, our team of experts possesses the experience and skill set to provide high-quality products that meet the highest paper packaging industry standards.

Bring Your Ideas To Life With Our Food Packaging Solution

packaging company philippines
Packaging Supplier Philippines
Display boxes
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Display Boxes

We understand that suitable packaging can make all the difference in getting your product noticed. We offer various packaging options to suit any need, from plain paper boxes to eye-catching structural designs.
We tailor our design process to developing and producing packaging to fit various packaging product shapes and sizes. So, no matter what your product or brand, our design team can create a custom solution that works.

Food Packaging

Understanding your business's specific packaging needs is essential. With the rise of takeout and delivery, reliable and high-quality packaging solutions are more crucial than ever.
That's why we don't see our packaging as just a container - we see it as an opportunity to enhance the overall dining experience.
packaging company philippines
Packaging Supplier Philippines
paper company in the philippines
packaging company philippines
Packaging Supplier Philippines
product labels
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Product Labels

We understand that proper labeling solutions can make or break a product and brand. That's why our team works with you from the initial concept to the final product.
No matter your unique needs, you can trust us to deliver quality results on time and within budget.

Commercial Printing & Publications

Connecting with your customers is essential, and publishing quality custom commercial printed collateral allows you to do just that. Our products offer more options for making the perfect choice, whatever printing technique or finish you may choose.
Whether you need offset printing, digital or inkjet printing of any grade or weight paper, we have the solution for you. Let us help make a powerful statement!
packaging company philippines
Packaging Supplier Philippines
paper company in the philippines

Reliable & Trusted Food Packaging Supplier in the Philippines

Committed To Excellence

We stand firm in our commitment to quality, innovation, and unrivaled customer care. To maintain our reputation as a provider of outstanding quality printing and packaging solutions

First-Class Customer Experience

We rigorously vet our suppliers to guarantee that every customer’s order exceeds their expectations. We routinely upgrade and service our equipment to meet packaging industry standards.

50+ Years of Experience

Since 1963, we have exceeded expectations and developed innovative solutions for our client’s printing and packaging challenges. We can handle every project from pre-press to post-press, ensuring a streamlined and cohesive product, process, and customer experience.

Expert End-to-End Solution

With over 50 years of industry experience, we are experts at finding the solution to every packaging challenge. We strive for an intimate understanding of every customer’s business, so every part of our process and final product is tailored to meet your individual needs and specifications.

FAQs About Papercon Philippines

Papercon distinguishes itself through its innovative packaging solutions that combine convenience, functionality, and sustainability. We use cutting-edge technology to ensure your products remain secure, and we prioritize eco-friendly materials that positively impact the environment. Our aim is to empower businesses to effectively communicate their messages, capture customer attention, and build brand awareness.

Papercon is committed to excellence. Our team of experts possesses the necessary experience and skillset to meet the highest industry standards. We work closely with our clients from the initial concept to the finalized product, ensuring that the packaging meets their unique business needs. Our focus on cutting-edge printing and packaging technology sets us apart and ensures the quality and effectiveness of our solutions.

Absolutely. Our team of experts is skilled at creating custom packaging solutions to suit diverse product shapes, sizes, and branding preferences. We understand that each business is unique, and we take pride in tailoring our designs to meet your specific packaging needs.

Sustainability is at the heart of our packaging solutions. We prioritize the use of eco-friendly materials and employ advanced technology to create packaging that minimizes environmental impact. By choosing Papercon, you are opting for packaging that aligns with the growing global demand for greener and more responsible solutions.

Your involvement in the design process is vital. We work collaboratively with you, from the initial concept to the final product. Your input, preferences, and brand identity play a significant role in shaping the design of your packaging. Our goal is to ensure that the end result accurately reflects your vision and objectives.

Yes, we understand that choosing the right packaging can be a complex decision. Our team of experts is here to guide you through the process. We take into consideration factors such as your industry, target market, product characteristics, and budget to recommend packaging solutions that align with your business goals.

Certainly. We understand the importance of evaluating packaging options firsthand. Papercon can provide samples of packaging designs to help you visualize the end product and ensure it meets your expectations. This allows you to make an informed decision before proceeding with the full production.

To discuss your packaging needs or inquire about our services, you can reach out to us via the contact information provided on our website. Our responsive team will be more than happy to assist you, answer your questions, and start the process of creating tailored packaging solutions for your business.

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