Paper Bags

A paper bag is a versatile and eco-friendly container made from paper material.

Widely used for carrying items, groceries, and retail purchases, paper bags are a sustainable alternative to plastic bags. They come in various sizes, styles, and designs, often with sturdy handles for easy carrying.

Free-standing Paper Bag

A free-standing paper bag is a self-supporting and versatile packaging container made from paper material. With a flat bottom and sturdy side gussets, it can stand upright on its own, offering convenience and stability. These bags are commonly used for retail purchases, groceries, and various items.

Paper Shopping Bag

A paper shopping bag with different handles is a versatile and eco-friendly packaging solution designed for carrying purchases from stores. Crafted from paper material, these bags come in various sizes and styles, each featuring unique handle options that cater to diverse needs.

From twisted paper handles to flat paper handles, rope handles, or even die-cut handles, the bag’s handles add both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

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