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Our team of dedicated professionals is the core of Papercon and the key to our continued success.

We know that to give our customers the best quality service and products, we must cultivate a work environment that fosters innovation and teamwork.

At Papercon, every part of our team is equally valuable.

Our creative staff, expert engineers, technical and mechanical maintenance personnel, and other support staff all play a vital role in making us one of the leading providers of innovative packaging solutions. When any one part isn't performing to its potential, we can't maximize our productivity. We can't realize our exacting quality standards. We take care of our team so our team can take care of you.
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We are committed to treating each employee as an integral team member.

We work to facilitate open and responsive communication and an atmosphere of learning and respect. We continually encourage teamwork, involvement, and the development of individual abilities to achieve and exceed our goals and quality standards.
Papercon creates an employee environment built on trust, transparency, and personal growth. We know that we can only be the best when our team's productivity is completely optimized through solid relationships with one another.
We are a collection of people doing jobs and a united team working towards a common goal: to give quality packaging solutions tailored to our client's needs.

Trusted Packaging Solutions Provider By 100+ Companies Nationwide

  • Century Pacific Food Inc.
  • Jollibee
  • McDo
  • MeadJohnson
  • P_G
  • Uniliver
  • Zenith

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