Our Commitment

At Papercon, we stand firm in our commitment to both quality and innovation, and unrivaled customer care.

To maintain our reputation as a provider of top most quality packaging solutions, Papercon is committed to only using best of the line equipment and materials. Our suppliers are rigorously vetted so we can guarantee that every customer’s order exceeds their expectations. Our equipment is routinely serviced and continuously upgraded to keep up with industry leading standards.

Our maintenance crew is on standby 24 hours a day to resolve any unanticipated mechanical glitch so we never have to miss a deadline.

We are equally committed to taking care of our customers, and we work hard to implement guidelines so that every client receives the same excellent service. Our account executives practice the Papercon customer care plan to help us understand how we can improve our service and make your next Papercon experience even better.

We know you rely on us for your packaging needs, and we are dedicated to being efficient and reliable.Our team is easily reachable and accessible from contract initiation through satisfaction. Our customers receive frequent status updates of their orders, allowing increased transparency, communication, trust, and accountability, thus cultivating strong client relationship.