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Our Products & Services

We are committed to providing the most efficient and cost effective solutions available.

Our wide range of products and services can help you deliver your business’s message, grab your customer’s attention, and boost awareness of your brand.

Folding Cartons

From plain paper boxes to eye catching packaging and structural design, we have the right solution for your needs and requirements.

Food Service Packaging

Our solution is guaranteed to meet your requirements for functionality, safety, & presentation.


We will provide you with high quality product labels that are superior compared to others in performance & appearance.

Commercial Printing & Publications

We’ll help you make a great impression with professionally designed and printed collaterals.

Our Commitment

At Papercon, we stand firm in our commitment to both quality and innovation, and unrivaled customer care.

To maintain our reputation as a provider of topmost quality packaging solutions, Papercon is committed to only using best of the line equipment and materials. Our suppliers are rigorously vetted so we can guarantee that every customer’s order exceeds their expectations. Our equipment is routinely serviced and continuously upgraded to keep up with industry leading standards.

Our Expertise

Papercon has decades of experience. Since 1963, we’ve been exceeding expectations and developing innovative solutions for our client’s packaging challenges. We’re equipped to handle every project from pre-press to post-press, ensuring a streamlined and cohesive product, process, and customer experience.

With over 50 years of industry experience, we’re experts at finding the solution to every packaging challenge. We strive for an intimate understanding of every customer’s business, so every part of our process and final product is tailored to meet your individual needs and specifications.

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